ASC-Lab at UL

Advancing Social Cognition Lab at the University of Limerick


The ASC-Lab at the Department of Psychology in the University of Limerick focuses on emotions, the self, political cognition, decision making, and person perception with a focus on the underlying social cognitive and motivational processes. The lab consists of a combination of undergraduate students, PhD-students, lecturers.


Research of the ASC-Lab is dedicated to social psychology, primarily rooted in social cognition, and it branches into other subdisciplines of psychology and neighbouring fields such as neuroscience, linguistics, sociology, and philosophy.  We are committed to conducting excellent psychological research and advancing knowledge of the contextual influences on human judgements and behaviour.

Partner Labs & Collaborators

The ASC-Lab is a partner lab of the RISE-Lab (chaired by Dr Elaine Kinsella) at the University of Limerick.  It is also part of a larger network of researchers and research labs at the University of Mannheim, King’s College London, the University of Michigan, and the  University of Ulm. The ASC-Lab is also associated with the network of social cognition researchers across Europe that have been active in ESCON and with a network of psychological science researchers at the University of Limerick (Platform for Psychological Science, PPS-UL).


The ASC-Lab builds on earlier labs chaired by Eric R. Igou and is influenced by conceptualizations and missions that are rooted in activities of the European Social Cognition Network (ESCON). The research group usually consists of undergraduate, masters, PhD students, and staff members.

The current members of the lab group are: Eric R. Igou, Velichko Fetvadjiev, Cillian McHugh, Andrew Moynihan, Rob MacRory-Crowley, Aoife Whiston, Stephen Casey, Aimen Kakar, Patrick Leonard, Dara McCormack, Grainne Nic Chormaic, Katarzyna Splawska.